Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007

canada geese

What's mutually beneficial about having Canandian geese around? How good is goose poop for fertilizer? What was unattractive about the picture of the house with all the red/white flowers on the bank of the river? How about some "geese rods" like "lightening rods" that are just areas to attract geese? I like how you took a stand on "is hunting always a bad thing"? I actually don't know if I agree or not, but the point is that when you take a stand it makes for a good conversation. It makes lots of ideas come into my head and makes me want to ask you questions. I'd like to hear an example of when hunting really does help to help me understand.

windy cities: a study in community power and urban landscape

Why did you choose wind (farthest zoomed out context info)? What can be (is being) done to make wind turbines be perceived as beautiful additions to a landscape for residents to be proud of? What can we use to pinpoint exact locations for good wind harvesting given the current set of buildings in an urban environment? Turbines as art? Turbines as amusement rides or monuments (just brainstorming)? NOAA homeland security interactive wind maps are interesting (


I love the historical perspective on New Orleans. Why do you think Sanabel has so much planning work done when New Orleans for its size seems to have been neglected relatively? Since I don't know a lot about the background of flooding, I'd like to know if height above/below sea level is a nearly perfect predictor of flood risk. If not, then I wonder to myself who's keeping track of each acre of land and when it has been flooded in the past? There's local knowledge but it just seems hard to agregate en masse.Why do you call "greenspace" the new "four-letter word"?

wild fires

I'm glad you used Youtube as a video source. Some people might have wanted to avoid it because of "quality" or "professionalism" but I found the footage very real, especially the second one. I'd like to know more about the danger of surface fires as opposed to the crown fires. I never imagined any of the fires being surface as I only recall seeing crown in the media, and I've never seen a wild fire in person. How do we balance living minimally with having "wide roads for firefighter turnaround". Are homeowners required to be shown sanborn and natural disaster mapping?